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Ms. Wizard by Molim El Barch

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Imagine having a spectator secretly thinking of a playing card and calling anyone out of your mobile phone contacts list he freely have chosen himself. Even if he is calling your contact with his own phone and you are completely silent the whole time, the person on the other end of the phone will instantly know the chosen card by your spectator.

Perform a thought transmitting experiment that will blow peoples minds and make you the hit on every event!

Sounds to good to be true we know, but it is as true and easy as that!

Welcome to Ms. Wizard!

– Even possible over video chat!
– A free choice of any playing card.
– A free choice from your contact list.
– They call with their own phone if they want!
– No expensive special App needed!
– Easy to learn and easy to follow.

“This is very sneaky, and that’s why I like it. It’s simple and works easily which means all your attention can be focused on the presentation to turn this into a powerful moment for your spectator. Once you understand the method, you can even move away from playing cards.”
– Ashley Green

“Out of all the Mr. Wizard effects and variations, all the thought transmitting effects over phone, this is by far the most impromptu, easy to do and fooling one I came across.”
– Ryan Dux

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3 reviews for Ms. Wizard by Molim El Barch

  1. Jeffrey K Lee

    This is a fantastic trick that goes above and beyond a lot of mentalism that I’ve seen before. It seems fun to perform, is very strong, and is accessible to magicians at any skill level. I’d argue this trick is even stronger done virtually, as it gives the spectator something significant to do other than just watch on the sidelines. The ability to give the spectator the option to choose any name listed and call the number themselves is very powerful, and I wholeheartedly recommend this effect to any magician.

  2. djbopper

    The quality is not amazing, but it is good enough to understand everything that you need to. Although it’s not super well produced everything gets across very clearly
    You do need a friend or stooge in this but if you do these types of effects you should understand this.
    It is very straight forward and easy to learn. The method is super clever. I don’t want to say too much but if you do any other phone call effects you will apply this I think It’s brilliant and I’m mad i didn’t think of it myself.
    As for the cards You do need to learn the identity of the card so the process is entirely up to you as obviously there are many different ways to obtain that information.

    This is extremely easy to do because the spectator does everything for you the only thing that will take practice is a small amount of memory work but it’s not hard to pick up this is very easy to do.


    Works great over video call
    Very Strong effect
    Easy to learn
    Extremely easy to do
    Very clean throughout. (No cleanup)
    Completely hands off the spectator does everything
    Straight to the point No drawn out process
    Great for beginners and pros

    Production quality could be better.
    Bit of memory work if you’re not into that stuff.
    Need a friend or stooge

    Overall this is an Easy Solid Strong Works every time Straight forward effect at a fair price. This is one of those rocks that you will keep coming back to, and you can always pull out for great reactions with a bonus of an extremely clever method that will change the way you do any effect using a Phone stooge.

  3. Serena Stone

    A very nice update to an old classic. The method went right by me until I read the secret. Yes. devious deception. ❤

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