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A Beautiful Mind

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An incredible piece of mentalism that feels like authentic mind reading.

Plucked directly from The Schuman Notes, the infamous mentalism series by Molim El Barch, A Beautiful Mind is a wonderfully powerful and beautiful method for reading someone’s mind.

You ask your spectator to imagine sitting somewhere and reading a book of their choice, next to an animal of their choice, while drinking a drink of their choice. With nothing written down or no questions asked, you’ll be able to magically divine all this information.

While A Beautiful Mind is not completely propless, these freely chosen thoughts are never written down or spoken out loud.

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“A Beautiful Mind is a well thought out piece of mentalism by Molim El Barch. It’s fun to perform and I am placing it in my close up arsenal for future performances. Keep an eye on Molim El Barch – he may just end up being one of the top thinkers in mentalism.”Tommy Burnett

“I’m a huge fan of mixing and combining methods, and what Molim has come up with is a lovely combination of techniques and methods that creates a very direct thought reading experience. I like it!”Mark Strivings

“If you want to leave the impression that you can see what others are thinking of in a very astonishing and emotional beautiful way, than dont miss this little masterpiece.”Ryan Dux

“Wow, what a wonderfully structured mind reading method. This will leave your spectator speechless!”Daryl Van Horne



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